Penis Enlargement Methods

There is a high demand of penis enlargement among men hence the increase options of doing this depending on preference. This form of enlargement is mostly as a result of a majority of men wanting to enjoy a higher self esteem as well as be able to satisfy their partners sexually. There are many methods of enlarging a penis. All the methods have been proven to work and have all been clinically tested. Among the numerous penis enlargement methods include:

  • Penis Enlarger Pills: This is among the most commonly used penis enlargement method. It has said to be good, safe as well as very effective in increasing the size in terms of length and girth of the penis. Some of these pills also contain some forms of aphrodisiacs hat come in handy in increasing the sexual stamina as well as overall sexual performance of the man using them. You can find my article about penis pills here.
  • Enlargement Exercises: Such exercises have also been proven to be safe as well as effective in enlarging the penis. They are also easy to do as well as very discreet. The exercises involve stroking the penis as well as stretching the penis while masturbating.
  • Use of Penis Pumps: This method involves the placing of a cylinder over the penis and using a pump that can be both manual and automatic in pumping out air from within the cylinder in turn creating a vacuum within it. Blood is then forced to run to the head of the penis in turn increasing the size of the penis.
  • Use of Penis Extenders: This method involves holding the head of the penis upright using a silicone ring that is supported by a couple of metal rods that run along the shaft’s length. The penis extender is supposed to be worn for long hours to cause traction within the penis. This in turn stretches the penile tissues that result to growth in the size of the penis. Read my review of Male Edge here.